Tuesday, 17 November 2009

my friend scoob

im visiting my friend scoob, scoob isnt his real name of course but thats what i call him, we got pizza and wine last night and watched matilda, toy story and the newest episode of house. i thought i had images from this night but i can't find them at this moment in time so i may add them at a later point if i do locate them.
after waking up on his sofa i scoffed many slices of leftover pizza and had a few cups of tea and he introduced me to a little show called the guild, its nearly as addictive as online gaming, seeing as its about people addicted to an rpg its rather fitting. anyway search it on youtube if you like. i have been chatting to people i dont know all day online and now im still watching the guild. im not usually this sad, just on occasion because its quite a fun break from work. anyway i feel very lazy :) i love it im going to take a nap later... in a bubble bath.. how cool am I!!

titchgus out xx

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