Saturday, 16 October 2010

Red alert 2

Hello again, since I have posted my last entry I have aquired a bloke named Simon, he is rather lovelly to me. today we are on a red alert fix, i didn't go to work today because I had a migraine so that was sucky but now we have decided that red alert is WIN. at the moment he is doing his computer techy thing to try and connect us so I can whoop his ass.

I wonder what people did before computers :/.

and who came up with the word ethernet?

People in this world are odd, I have just concluded this.
there are a number of things on my mind right now, none of them bad but I can't seem to separate them well enough to write down so this blog kinds sucks. I am mainly writing it because simon told me i must keep up my blog. I don't know why, nobody reads it. Although i am sure BlogGirl will have a nosey when she find's out I have one :). anyway I will write again later on today I expect so chao for nao. x

titchgus out temporarily.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

woo download!

sorry to anyone actually following these posts but i know i havent posted in a while ive been busy busy busy. ok so i have had 2 lie-ins this week! hell yeah! and tomorrow im getting my download ticket ordered. yay payday! anyway now i need a tent, and a sleeping bag. but i cant wait for download!! just found out my friend got into a uni nearby and he wont be miles and miles away anymore !!!!! it gonna be sweet! anyway i gotta try and sleep with all this excitement now lol

titchgus out

Monday, 30 November 2009

poke her face

i'm currently listening oto lady gaga, drinking wine and have my friends crowding round me poking my face

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

my friend scoob

im visiting my friend scoob, scoob isnt his real name of course but thats what i call him, we got pizza and wine last night and watched matilda, toy story and the newest episode of house. i thought i had images from this night but i can't find them at this moment in time so i may add them at a later point if i do locate them.
after waking up on his sofa i scoffed many slices of leftover pizza and had a few cups of tea and he introduced me to a little show called the guild, its nearly as addictive as online gaming, seeing as its about people addicted to an rpg its rather fitting. anyway search it on youtube if you like. i have been chatting to people i dont know all day online and now im still watching the guild. im not usually this sad, just on occasion because its quite a fun break from work. anyway i feel very lazy :) i love it im going to take a nap later... in a bubble bath.. how cool am I!!

titchgus out xx

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

online gaming

ok so ive been doing nothing all day and now ive been sat with my laptop until my backs about to give out playing online games. all evening more and more games. its slowly killing my eyes, hands and back so due to the fac that its half 12 am and i have to be up before 6 im going to bed. i will suggest this site... ... to keep you amused while im gone XD im off now.... this is me leaving
my pet! 

hey check out my pet. i got it from XD feed him if you like. i thought i'd share this with you all as he is so cute for an animation

so... nothing

what did i do today? nothing. nothing at all. i sat in until my head hurt, went for a walk down the harbour on my own and had dinner. now im writing this. so due to my painfully boring day of nothing i willl talk bout something else.