Saturday, 16 October 2010

Red alert 2

Hello again, since I have posted my last entry I have aquired a bloke named Simon, he is rather lovelly to me. today we are on a red alert fix, i didn't go to work today because I had a migraine so that was sucky but now we have decided that red alert is WIN. at the moment he is doing his computer techy thing to try and connect us so I can whoop his ass.

I wonder what people did before computers :/.

and who came up with the word ethernet?

People in this world are odd, I have just concluded this.
there are a number of things on my mind right now, none of them bad but I can't seem to separate them well enough to write down so this blog kinds sucks. I am mainly writing it because simon told me i must keep up my blog. I don't know why, nobody reads it. Although i am sure BlogGirl will have a nosey when she find's out I have one :). anyway I will write again later on today I expect so chao for nao. x

titchgus out temporarily.

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