Sunday, 1 November 2009

Halloween Fail

for my first post i will talk about a recent event that i thought could have gone alot better... to start the day my boss had told me to come into work in a halloween costume (pictured) and i was worried i'd be the only one, but i took the chance to not wear uniform and wore a witches costume... nobody else dressed up... lots of attention for me but lots of angey comments for my boss XD also someone told me he'd be naked... he wasnt... it just was not my day.  so my sister came to visit on halloween, i thought i'd amuse her so we got dressed up, i was a witch (a good one, dont worry) and she looked like an 80's rock chick. after putting strips of black bin liners hanging everywhere for trick or treaters we waited... and waited... and waited. nobody came over and as we heard the faint sound of fireworks we discussed how people are really getting ahead of themselves when celebrating. there has been christmas stock in shops (including the shop i work in) since about the beginning of september at least and now we are celebrating Guy Fawks on halloween?... this night was a FAIL. however the night was not all bad as we played a nice famly game of cards and drank beer and ate all the sweets meant for the expected callers. i mainly feel sorry for any children wanting to go trick or treating but because of alot of bad people on the news isnt all that surprised that they werent out even with parents. it was like a ghost town, although kind of fitting it was very un-nerving. happy halloween boring farts XD xx

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