Sunday, 1 November 2009

sunday nights

*sigh* I've been at work all day and now nobosy is free to meet me so im setting up a blog which im enjoying more than i thought. although at the time of writing this i currently have 0 readers even after advertising it on my facebook page. that is how unpopular i am. i even got so bored i went through my coin collection... i know what you're thinking...who wouldn't want to hear about a coin collection right? haha the sad thing is i actually have one and im going to brag about it. i have lots of old coins, some foreign coins and some random weird english coins... i even have a nice few coins from   ok enough about my coin collection. i'll talk about something else. i am really craving a snickers ice cream. they are so damn good.

well i've recently redecorated my bedroom...i painted it cream with an awesome black gothic tree wallpaper on one wall, and by chance have bought my friend's old bed from an ad without knowing it was his... how odd. i am currently finding a picture of my walpaper... which i shall send over from my phone... now... owww distractions of pins and needles in foot... oh my gawd thats a strange sensation
anyway below is a picture of the bedroom, obviously now it isnt so tidy.but you know how it is. its sunday afternoon, when you work 7am-3pm sunday afternoon you tend to not be bothered to tidy.

titchgus out X


  1. The room looks sweet, cleaner then mine, lol. Bummer that you bored and such.

  2. indeed bummer. but this blogging is quite fun right now. but i think i better tidy my rooom...