Monday, 2 November 2009

sleep ... conversation?

my gran keeps informing me of crazy things i do and say in the morning... before spilling my tea this morning apparantly i sat up, pointed to my heatproof mat for my straighteners and said... "whats that heat proof thing called... that mat!" when she laughed i cackled and shouted..."dont laugh at me!"

it started when she woke me up and i said...
"that place...that place where people meet... when theres a fire...the fire assembally point."
"yeah?"she said
"whats that called?" i asked...
she promtly left.

i have also told her my grandad was making cheesecake (at 6 in the morning about a man that hates cheesecake) and had a conversation about something i just said and had a go at her convincing her that it made so much sense.
i am so crazy in my sleep. have i ever said weird things to you while sleeping. please tell me i am quite interested to know. xx titchgus out xx


  1. Well I have never heard in your sleep, but then again thats what I get for living on the other side of the globe, but talking in your sleep is always fun....everyone gets a big kick out of what I say in my sleep

  2. haha you talk in your sleep? you freak.
    joking lol
    what stuff have you said?